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Shahab Rahimi Harsini

Graduate student Shahab Rahimi Harsini is studying engineering technology. His areas of interest are cyber security, network security, and the profession of internet communication. His enthusiasm for improving digital communication infrastructures and making a positive impact in the field of cybersecurity stems from his strong interest in technology. He joined ISA because he is committed to lifelong learning and professional growth. Shahab looked forward to delving into the intricate realm of industrial automation. Shahab sees himself developing his leadership skills in preparation for future ventures in the automation technology space as he embraces the role of ISA president at UH.

Vice President

Pierre Aaron M Remigio



Hoque, Md Mozammal

Md Mozammal Hoque, is a graduate student in Engineering Technology and he specializes in the Profession of Internet Communication and Network Security. With a keen interest in technology, he is passionate about contributing to the field of cybersecurity and enhancing digital communication infrastructures. He is dedicated to continuous learning and professional development, which led him to join ISA.  Mozammal was excited about exploring the complex world of industrial automation. Embracing the role of an ISA Officer, Mozammal envisions himself nurturing his leadership capabilities for future endeavors in the automation technology landscape.




Salma Sultana

Salma Sultana is a graduate student currently studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Houston. She was drawn to this field of study because the boundless potential of wireless communication to revolutionize global connectivity and propel technological advancements captivated her imagination. Salma joined ISA because she was interested in learning more about the professional side of automation and technology. Recognizing the value of connecting with experienced individuals in her field, Salma actively engaged with ISA members during her college years. Assuming the role of an ISA officer, she aspires to mentor her peers, sharing her knowledge and insights while simultaneously cultivating her leadership prowess as a future technology visionary. 

Faculty Advisor

Dr. YuanDr. Xiaojing Yuan

Dr. Yuan is an Associate Professor of Engineering Technology Department in the College of Technology,. She has been a member of ISA and serves as faculty adviser for UH Student Chapter since 2006. Her area of expertise includes instrumentation and smart sensor network, signal modeling, simulation, medical imaging acquisition and understanding, and decision support system. She is the founder and director of ISGRIN (Intelligent Sensor Grid and Informatics) research lab and always welcomes interested and motivated undergraduate and graduate students to join the group for some research projects.